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Top 10 Attractions in Rome

10. Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill is the smallest of the Seven Hills of Rome but is considered the heart of the city - cuore della città! Suggested as a great starting point for first-time visitors, Capitoline Hill connects much of the city and offers a beautiful collection of elegant fountains and historical buildings. Stroll through the Capitoline Hill Museum to see the “She Wolf” exhibit and discover the ancient legend of Rome’s founding. Open Tues – Sun 9 AM – 8 PM. 

9. Piazza Navona

Built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian in 86 AD, Piazza Navona retains the arena’s peculiar oval layout. The square features the Church of Sant'Angese in Agone and three stunning fountains. For a collection of history, open-air cafés, and seasonal fairs, Piazza Navona is a Top 10 Rome attraction. To capture the magic of the square, it's best to go early in the morning to avoid crowds. After all, the early bird gets the worm (or in this case, the espresso)! 

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8. Villa Borghese

The Spanish Steps lead up to this gorgeous former vineyard, now a park free to the public. In the garden’s center is a lake where you can paddleboat and relax by the water. A great Top 10 Rome landmark for the family, Villa Borghese also offers bike rentals, a merry-go-round, and an old-fashioned puppet theater. While you’re there, don’t miss the Borghese Gallery – but book tickets now! The gallery has a 360-person limit, so visits are restricted to 2 hours. Open Tues – Sun 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM, kids under 18 free. 

7. Trevi Fountain

What trip to Rome would be complete without making a wish and tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain? One of the most famous fountains in the world and the largest baroque fountain in Rome, this top 10 Rome attraction collects an estimated 3,000 euros every day from hopeful travelers. It’s worth it to snake your way through the crowds—day or night—to get an up close view of the fountain’s magnificent façade. Legend holds that a coin tossed into the fountain ensures the traveler’s return to Rome – tornare a roma! 

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6. Roman Forum

If you’re seeking a taste of the rich, impressive history of Rome, look no further than the Roman Forum. An expansive plaza surrounded by the ruins of ancient Rome’s government buildings, this Top 10 Rome attraction is one of the most celebrated meeting places in the world. The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Colosseum are all located within the same area and share the same admission ticket – valid for two days. Book tickets online or at the Palatine Hill entrance to avoid long lines. Open 8:30 AM until one hour before sunset. 

5. Castel Sant’Angelo

city’s tallest building, this mighty fortress has protected the Tiber River for over 2,000 years. If you’re a gamer, Castel Sant’Angelo was featured in Assassin’s Creed as an epic battle site. Open Tues – Sun 9 AM – 7 PM. Word on the street is that the views from the top of this castle are some of the most beautiful in the entire city–definitely worthy of Top Ten Rome attractions!

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4. St. Peter’s Basilica

Whether you’re a devout Christian or a curious traveler, St. Peter’s Basilica is an inspiring experience. This renaissance church located in Vatican City is regarded as one of the holiest of Catholic shrines. To catch a glimpse of the Pope, you’ll find him in the window of St. Peter’s every Sunday at noon, praying and blessing the crowd in St. Peter’s square – no ticket required! This Top 10 Rome attraction is open daily and the main section is free. Be sure to dress appropriately: no shorts, bare shoulders, or miniskirts are permitted.

3. Sistine Chapel

A journey through the history of Rome would be incomplete without a visit to the world famous Sistine Chapel, located within The Vatican Museums. Currently the site where each new pope is selected, the draw to the chapel is due to the legendary ceiling: a masterpiece painted by Michelangelo. This Top 10 Rome attraction is open Mon – Sat 10 AM – 6 PM. This site attracts over 25,000 people each day – if your goal is to see the ceiling, book a fast track pass to beat the crowds.

2. Pantheon

The Pantheon—meaning “all gods”—was the first temple built for the common people and a Top 10 Rome landmark. An amazing architectural feat, the structure takes the form of a perfect sphere poised on top of a cylinder—the largest unsupported dome in the world! If you aren’t sure if it’s worth a visit, take Michealangelo’s word for it, who claimed the structure was “of angelic, not human design.” Best of all, no fees and no lines! More time to enjoy that scoop of delicious Italian gelato. 

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1. Colosseum

What better way to conclude our Top Ten Rome attractions than with the largest and most breath-taking amphitheater ever built?! Used for both gladiatorial contests and public spectacles, this architectural monster is as impressive as it is intimidating. The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Colosseum are all located within the same area and share the same admission ticket – valid for two days. Book tickets online or at the Palatine Hill entrance to avoid long lines. Open 8:30 AM until one hour before sunset.

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