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Top 10 Events & Nightlife in Rome

10. Beerland Trilussa


If you’re a beer lover, you can’t miss this incredible joint. With a wall of beer selections from all over the world, you are guaranteed to find something you haven’t tried. But they don’t stop at beer – this Top 10 Rome brewpub offers some delicious eats that are fast and cheap. When you’re out and about in Piazza Trilussa late into the night, stop in for some fresh brews and yummy street food, Top Ten Rome approved. Open daily 12 PM – 2 AM.

9. Scholar’s Lounge


An Irish Whiskey Bar of the Year Gold Medal Winner, Scholar's Lounge is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. Creating the comforting atmosphere of an Irish pub, this Top 10 Rome lounge boasts a hearty selection of beers and whiskeys you won’t want to miss. Stop in on Fridays to hear live local artists performing a mix of traditional Irish and rock and roll music. Open daily 11 AM – 3:30 AM.

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8. Shari Vari Playhouse

A casual coffee house, an elegant restaurant, or a glamorous Top 10 Rome venue, Shari Vari Playhouse transforms its mood along with the movement of the sun. At night, this club packs with travelers and locals alike wishing to dance the night way. Wednesdays are VIP nights – a.k.a. Very International People. Travelers receive reduced prices (for all the hard work traveling entails), helping you party hard without breaking the bank. Open Tues – Sun 8 AM – 4 AM and Mon 8 AM – 7 PM.

7. Stravinskij Bar


Located in the Hotel de Russie, this upscale, swanky Top 10 Rome bar is the place to be. Combining complex drinks and a refined atmosphere, the Stravinskij Bar offers a contemporary lounge area or an elegant outdoor terrace for the who’s who of Rome to mingle in. Sip on a Cuba Street house cocktail in a comfy armchair and see if you can spot any celebrity travelers. You stay classy, Rome.

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6. Jerry Thomas Speakeasy


This speakeasy is a well-hidden, hush-hush, 1920’s themed Top 10 Rome nightclub located in the heart of The Eternal City. Every drink, every server, and every piece of décor emits the 1920’s vibe creating an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere. Here’s the best part: you actually need to give the doorman a password to enter! Shhhhh - the passwords are updated on their website, which can be found at the link above. Open Tues – Sat 10 PM – 4 AM.

5. Villa Celimontana


Villa Celimontana is a gorgeous park located on one of The Seven Hills of Rome near the Colosseum. You might be wondering why a park made the Top Ten Rome venues? Throughout the summer months this space is transformed into a breath-taking outdoor concert stage! Mostly drawing a crowd for jazz concerts, this venue also offers theater productions, poetry readings, and other artful entertainment. Sip on some wine while sitting in a beautiful park filled with ancient Roman history while enjoying some smooth jazz – Oh si Tesoro. 

4. Il Goccetto


No trip to Rome would be complete without tasting the wine! Il Goccetto is one of the best, original Top 10 Rome wine bars, but you wouldn’t guess it from their affordable prices and expansive selection of over 800 brands. Not sold on the wine? This bar is housed in an ancient Roman building, creating a historical and enchanting atmosphere. Open for lunch 11:30 AM – 2 PM and dinner 6:30 PM – 12 AM.

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3. Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

The Rome Opera House, built in 1880, is known to be as ‘visually dramatic as the productions it stages.’ From concerts to ballets to operas, any performance you are able to catch while in Rome will be simply stunning. The current musical director is Riccardo Muti, who has overseen productions such as Gluck's "Iphigénie en Aulide" (2009), Verdi's "Nabucco" (2011), "Simon Boccanegra" (2012) and "Ernani" (2013). You can discover which performances will be on stage during your travels here. 

2. Carnevale

If you’re visiting during the late winter, don’t miss one of the most exciting events Rome has to offer – the Carnevale Festival. A ‘mardi gras’ before the beginning of Lent, this festival is celebrated all across Italy with parades, masquerade balls, equestrian shows, and much more. The main attraction for this festival is the indulgence of fried sweets, what could be better than that?! Find the dates for Carnevale Festival in Rome for 2016-2020 at the link above. 

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1. Birth of Rome

Buon compleanno Roma! If you’re traveling to Rome in April, you just might get the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Rome! Built in 753 BC, the majestic history of Rome is honored each year on April 21st with grand feasts, parades, fireworks, and gladiator events (mock, of course). The people of Rome illuminate Aventine Hill with torches, creating a magical and inspiring experience. If you can’t make it this trip, don’t worry! Birthdays come every year (unfortunately).

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